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So is protecting the dog from sunburn such an outrageous thing?

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This man would throw garbage on the ground, even when the trashcan was nearby, and dishes would sit in the sink for months at a time

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the protective sheath around certain nerve fibers in the brain and peripheral nervous system "This can

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to test the largely anecdotal evidence supporting various antiseptics’ efficacy. “On a daily

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There's no courage in taking a stand you know will be supported, in entering a contest where you're virtually guaranteed to win (or guaranteed to lose).

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Due to the trigeminal nerve’s location, many patients and their doctors or dentists believe they have some sort of dental issue and teeth are often removed.

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The FDA has recorded more than 2,500 reports of side effects and 79 deaths associated with dietary supplements

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We get a babysitter, watch a movie, or eat dinner or both and then head for the house

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