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"This study is another demonstration of the superiority of [aromatase inhibitors], and does reinforce that we use them up front."

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A Manitoba ambulance may transport you if you require routine medical care in a bordering province to a neighbouring provincial facility

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Parents today are more likely than ever to get the bad news that their teens need help with prescription drug abuse

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An excellent example of this nightmare becoming reality is one of the latest terms concocted within our atomized society: Otherkin

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Many other people do not have that fear of death with another drink, and feel invincible.

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De 2C9 test kan helpen bij het bepalen geschikte dosering van de bloedverdunner warfarine (Coumadin) om de risico's van bijwerkingen te verminderen.

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of pregnancy whereas the brain differentiates male/female in the second trimester in response to androgen

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