Planning your wedding can be a hectic and daunting experience.

It would be best if you hired a professional wedding planner. You could just focus on getting ready and looking your best on your big day. The hassle of organizing your wedding can be done by us! We deliver the best according to the decided theme and setting.

Professional Wedding Planners

Wedding Design Dubai

We even help you in deciding your wedding theme if you are confused. Our team will ask you some questions about what you want and they will show you photographs of similar weddings that we have planned for. A customized package will be prepared according to your budget. As the best wedding planners in Dubai, we decide everything during our commitment. Every service like flowers arrangement, furniture arrangement, entertainment services, dance floor services, sound system service to setting up marquees will be discussed in great length with you. We urge our clients to discuss ideas and expectations openly so that you get everything that you dreamed of!

Selecting a Theme

Wedding theme

There are a lot of themes to choose from. For instance, an Arabian wedding theme is popular among Emiratis while Indian wedding themes are popular among south-Asian clients. We have also prepared for classic French themes and even fairytale themes as the best wedding planners. The entire wedding is planned according to your theme. The decoration items, props, and furniture will be used accordingly. Even the flower arrangement is decided according to your theme so that it may blend pleasantly with the selected interior colors. We have also worked on floral themes with glass marquees and half-open marquees in pleasant weather for clients as the best wedding planners. We have covered a diverse range of themes so you may have a look at our portfolio. This may even help you in deciding what kind of theme you are looking for. Our expert team will guide you about selecting your theme and the colors that would go with it.

Best Wedding Planners in Dubai

Connecting with Vendors

We will connect you with vendors for furniture, professional photographers and so on. We will recommend teams with whom we have worked for quite some time now and always had a smooth experience. You may select anyone from our recommendations list or select anyone else that you deem fit for the designated service. Once every service provider has been finalized, we get in touch with all of them. For instance, as the best wedding planners, we will share the agenda of your big day with your wedding photographer so that they may know about the itinerary of the day. Every team will work according to the itinerary planned by us. This will help in avoiding any adverse situations and ensuring that everything operates smoothly according to the plan without disturbing each other, and letting your guests enjoy the big day.

Contact Us

Our contact details have been mentioned below. You could get in touch to book an appointment with us. We will respond during the usual business hours. The booked appointment will help in selecting a theme by viewing our portfolio and expert advice of the best wedding planners in town.  You can also get recommendations for booking vendors for certain services. Lastly, everything will be planned according to your budget and the details will be discussed before any commitment is made.