In the Middle East the wedding day is associated with luxury and sophistication. The stage which matches the décor is called “Kosha”. “Kosha” is a common word you will come across in weddings in the Middle East. The word “Kosha” represents the area where the bride and groom will be seated or in all-female weddings, the area where the bride will sit like a proper queen. The Kosha is the most important aspect of the wedding décor since all eyes are on it.

Whether it’s a small simple Kosha or a big one like the above picture, the Kosha is the center of attention. One of the major features that require special care and that actually creates a long lasting impression is the Kosha decoration. From reception to the main stage, eyes are on the floor as well as the ambience created by the planner. The glow of the bride and her vision is reflected in the style and elegance of the Kosha. It acts as the main centerpiece for the whole wedding, and the rest of the decorations in the wedding is inspired by the Kosha.

It’s very important to have the Kosha personalized to the taste and character of the bride. If the bride doesn’t like flowers for example and is more into the modern style, then the Kosha should be created according to her vision and taste. However, one important note is to always have the Kosha in harmony with its surroundings. Thus, if the bride chose to go modern for her sofa the tables, chairs and table centerpieces should be modern as well. The budget that the bride intends to spend on the “Kosha” is very essential and it usually is the big bulk of the wedding cost. After a couple of meetings with the bride, the wedding planner understands her taste and creates a detailed 3-dimensional image is provided to the bride so she can easily visualize the final result and make changes if necessary to match her dream wedding.

In the Kosha I have chosen for you, we can see that the guests are embraced with thousands and thousands of roses. The bride wanted to go for a very soft, arty and poetic environment that would look like a painting of an imaginary landscape. A painting from the French impressionist painters.

The Kosha is carefully constructed and embellished with spectacular flowers of different pastel colors and exquisite lighting. In this particular Kosha, the bride wanted to include several colors for the flowers, it can as well be done with one unique color since the hills are in 3D or several harmonious colors that enhance one another.

The stage is beautifully crafted to the highest standard to match the elegance of the wedding décor. The backdrop behind the stage is provided to cover the wall behind the bride and groom table. In the image that I have provided we can see that this style of backdrop provides the guests with a soft and relaxing settling and leave the focus on the flowers.